Our commitments


Our commitment is to take environmental aspects into account in the choices we make in the design of our products, their development and their production.

Our packaging is mainly made of cardboard. This choice was made because its supply is local, recyclable and the ecological footprint of cardboard is much better than that of plastic.


Growing legumes, the source of our proteins, requires 18X less cultivated land*, 10X less water** and emits 10X less CO2* than cattle breeding for human consumption.

* Sabaté, Sranacharoenpong, Harwatt et al.
** Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.


Did you know that every year, 7 billion people consume the meat of over 55 billion land animals . This data even excludes fish.

So, during their lifetime, every human will have an average contact with 2 to 4 domestic animals , but will have consumed more than 2000 farm animals: Pigs, cattle and especially chickens.

In each case, without respect to emotions, intellectual faculties and suffering of animals.

The whole animal chain is, in fact, very short lived. Breeding provided only youngs animals at slaughter. On average, the slaughter age of chickens is 5-7 weeks while they could live up to 8 years. Pigs are usually slaughtered around the average age of 6 months when the life expectancy of these animals is between 8 and 10 years old. For cattle, the slaughter age is around 18 months, with a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.

Animal ethics, has as a starting point the fact that the animals are individuals with preferences and interests that they seek to limit their suffering. These fundamental aspects are not respected in their breeding, whether organic or conventional.

"I rejected meat early in my childhood, and the time will come when humans, like me, will watch the killing of  animals as they now watch the murder of their fellows. "

Leonardo da Vinci, as quoted by Jon Wynne in his book The Extended Circle: A Common place Book of Animals Rigths.


    Born in Montreal, produced in Montreal, Ȧrta Bȯna is above all a local company that will compete with other American brands of plant-based products.